Application Process

  1. Entry
  2. Document-based selection
  3. Interview
    (interviews may be carried out more than once)


Please read the following conditions before submitting an application.

Application requirements
  • Students or business people aged 18 and up
  • Applicants must be in a position to attend KERNEL on a regular basis
Preferred qualifications
  • People with a keen interest in AI technology and some understanding of Machine Learning (especially Deep Learning), or a strong determination to learn them)
  • University students and graduate students in science and engineering
  • People with an interest in developing practical applications using computer science in society
    ※Freshmen and sophomore students are also welcome to apply. No previous experience necessary.
  • An honorarium worth around 100,000 yen per month may be available for members participating in projects at KERNEL. (Details depend on the project.)
  • Business people should make sure to check the details of their current employment contract before applying. We cannot accept responsibility for any troubles between you and your company.