about is KERNEL ?

KERNEL is an AI-focused incubation community for those who aspire to change the world through technology. It provides an ideal environment for engineers and researchers with a passion for cutting-edge technology. KERNEL helps members to discover and unleash their potential, and allows them to take their first steps toward bringing disruptive innovations to the world.

  • AI Engineer's Community
  • Best Research Environment
  • Collabration with Companies

AI-Technology Driven Community

  • Community
    KERNEL is a community of young AI engineers and researchers. Working together at KERNEL allows members to inspire one another and develop wide-ranging networks.
  • Space
    KERNEL members have all-time access cutting-edge incubation facilities, developed in collaboration with WeWork.
    KERNEL offers a variety of spaces for intensive work, team meetings, and other events. Meals are also available.
  • AI Computing Platform
    AI Computing Platform
    KERNEL members can take advantage of cutting-edge NVIDIA's AI computing platforms and, major cloud services.
  • Joint Projects
    Joint Projects
    KERNEL members enjoy the opportunity to participate in joint projects with companies and research institutes. These projects offer members a chance to contribute to finding solutions to issues facing contemporary society, using AI technology.
  • Event
    Regular events allow KERNEL members to catch up with all the latest trends and developments, featuring business leaders and important figures in the AI field. Member-led events are actively encouraged.
  • Startup
    KERNEL provides full support to members looking to startup. Promising AI-startups developed at KERNEL are eligible for investment from DEEPCORE’s venture capital fund.


3F & 4F., Design Place α, 4-1-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


KERNEL is a membership community. For details of how to apply please visit the member recruitment page.